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A central tenet of our mission is to help create sustainable homeownership.

HLP works with mortgage companies, attorneys, and nonprofit counseling agencies to help homeowners request a loan modification or other solution.

An attorney or counseling agency can work on your behalf to file an application and other documents on our website.

Homeowner Connect

Homeowner Connect allows a homeowner to connect directly to their Servicer to ask for assistance with their mortgage. It takes just a few minutes to begin an application and there are housing counselors available to offer advice or answer your questions along the way.

Submitting an application is easy. Click here to get started.

Foreclosure Prevention

HLP is the top destination for more than 5,000 non-profit, HUD-approved, housing counselors who serve distressed homeowners nationwide every day. HLP eliminates lost paperwork and miscommunications and enables counselors to track their client’s progress and provides a permanent audit trail for each case. Counselors working on behalf of homeowners find HLP to be an inexpensive and secure method to communicate with mortgage companies.

Foreclosure Mediation

Available in the 27 states that require or encourage mediation in conjunction with the judicial foreclosure process, HLP is a trusted resource for a growing number of mediators, servicers and attorneys. As a result, more than 25,000 foreclosure mediation cases have been filed with HLP.

Without transparent access to this information, mediation sessions are often cancelled and rescheduled, resulting in wasted time, extra expense and missed opportunities to find foreclosure alternatives. HLP solves this problem by allowing everyone involved in a foreclosure to see all documents in real time. The net result is fewer cancellations, more cases resolved outside of foreclosure and in much less time. The ability to view all documents in one location helps speed the mediation process.

Mortgage Servicing Rights Transfer

HLP has created a new national data exchange called the National Exchange for Servicing Transfers (NEST). The new exchange provides several features that can help servicers overcome the problems that have plagued recent transfers of bulk mortgage portfolios, especially loans going through the workout process.

The NEST offers a simple, transparent process that enables bulk transfers to occur seamlessly.

Non-Retention Options

Unfortunately, not all homeowners will be able to achieve a loan modification or other solution to prevent foreclosure. While this outcome means the homeowner and their representative will face difficult choices, HLP may still be able to help.

Homeowners that cannot continue to afford their home may want to consider a short sale or deed-in-lieu. A short sale or deed-in-lieu enables the homeowner to leave the home without a foreclosure as part of their credit history. HLP can help a homeowner’s representative understand all of their options and connect them with a mortgage company that may consider these “non-retention” options. In addition, HLP can often reduce the time it takes to resolve these cases and save money for homeowners and all other parties.

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