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HLP’s mission includes helping people buy a home. If you need help understanding what is involved in homeownership or taking the right steps to qualify for a mortgage loan, HLP can assist you.

We have self-guided tools and resources on our platform, plus we can also connect you with a nonprofit counselor or advisor for more in depth assistance. These experts can provide information and one-on-one guidance to help you navigate and understand the requirements to buy a home.


There is a critical need to help low-to-moderate income and credit-challenged families who are seeking to achieve or regain homeownership. HLP.Guru is the nation’s first technology platform that enables nonprofit housing counselors, mortgage lenders, community leaders and others to collaborate and help individuals and families achieve homeownership.

The HLP.Guru unifies the efforts of nonprofit housing counselors, lenders, community leaders and other stakeholders in the home buying process. Consumers can join the club by coming directly to our website or be referred by a housing counselor, mortgage lender, realtor or others. The site provides consumer access to all of the information needed to prepare for and achieve homeownership.

Applicant Prep Service

Until now, there’s been no place to seek help for consumers that don’t qualify for a mortgage loan. Now there is. Mortgage lenders can help put a family on the path to homeownership by referring them to HLP’s Applicant Prep Service. HLP's Applicant Prep Service enables mortgage companies and nonprofit credit counseling agencies to collaborate and help more people qualify for a mortgage loan.

People with a flawed financial history will benefit from this service, as well as people who have been unemployed or underemployed, carry too much student loan debt, have been divorced or had a recent bankruptcy.

Mandatory Counseling and Education

Many new affordable housing programs have a counseling or education requirement associated with them. HLP can help potential borrowers meet these requirements through our platform.

HLP has pushed the limits on what was possible in the foreclosure prevention industry. We are proud of the thousands of homeowners that have kept their homes by using HLP.

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We are a nonprofit seeking to help create sustainable homeownership across America.

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